Monday, April 26, 2010

Alpha update: keyboard shortcuts

A new feature has just landed. One of the aims of Yama is to make it possible to completely avoid touching the mouse. Therefore Yama supports a number of keyboard shortcut that makes it easy to navigate around and control the application from the keyboard.

Yama will also respond to media keys such as play/pause, next and forward. It expects Windows to take care of volume and muting, though.

Here's a list of the current keyboard shortcuts implemented:
  • Ctrl+F Move focus to search box
  • Ctrl+1 Move focus to "Library" in navigation tree
  • Ctrl+2 Move focus to "Queue" in navigation tree
  • Ctrl+3 Move focus to "History" in navigation tree
  • Ctrl+4 Move focus to "Playlists" in navigation tree
  • Ctrl+T Move focus to track list
  • Ctrl+Numpad 4 Play next song
  • Ctrl+Numpad 6 Play previous song
  • Ctrl+Numpad 5 Play or pause song
  • Ctrl+Numpad 8 Increase volume
  • Ctrl+Numpad 2 Decrease volume
  • Ctrl+Numpad 1 Seek backward in song
  • Ctrl+Numpad 3 Seek forward in song
  • Ctrl+Numpad 7 Toggle shuffle
  • Ctrl+Numpad 9 Toggle repeat

I have also added two new columns: Last Played and Play Count, which shows when the song was last played and how many times it has been played, respectively. I also added a column in the play queue that shows the index of the song in the queue. In addition to that, sorting is disabled in the play queue and history only allows sorting by date.