Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Settings and about done


As I am testing the upgrade function before I am ready to release it to the rest of you I am implementing features to see if they get pushed out to installed applications.

The first feature that I have just finished is the preferences and about pages. As mentioned in the previous post I tried to make it look like the Control Panel of Windows 7. Here's the result:

General Settings
Music source settings
About Yama

I haven't yet implemented the feature that will use the settings on the "General" page but they will come soon enough. My goal is to have as few settings as possible, since I believe in good default settings and clean interfaces. If anyone wishes to change the interval for checking for upgrades (the default value is once every hour, btw) one is free to just change the code and compile it (just go to this file and edit line 20).

Anyway, so this is what the settings will look like. As mentioned in an earlier post it is possible to control playback while inside the settings pages thanks to the upper part of the window being static.

Next on the agenda will be file association, minimize to tray or an OSD. Haven't decided which one is the most fun yet.

Oh, and as always, any feedback is more than welcome.

Have a nice day!