Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thoughts on settings


So the upgrade system is now almost finished. The next thing on the agenda will be to implement the settings, about and help. Since the goal of Yama is to be really tightly integrated with Windows my main thought here would be to make it work like the Control Panel.

If you click on the Start Menu, open Computer and click on System Properties you will come to "Control Panel\System and Security\System". I thought that this could be the look of Yama's settings. The upper area will be the normal Yama controls. There will be Play, Pause, Forward and Previous, Seek and so on. This means that you can control the playback even as you are navigating the settings.

The left part will be used as the navigation links. The top link (the one that says "Control Panel Home") will be "Back to Yama" or something similar. Under that there will be "General", "Library", "About" and "Help". General and Library will be usual settings, About will be similar to the screenshot above and provide the user with basic information about Yama, while Help will contain some guides on how to use Yama as well as tips and tricks (such as keyboard shortcuts or quick playlists).

The "See Also" links will be to external websites (which will open in the default web browser). They will be "Website", "Blog" and "Project Site" most probably.

The Control Panel in Windows 7 is quite a mess. It opens new windows and the links to the left changes as you navigate around. This will not be the case in Yama. The left part will be static, always displaying the same links. No new windows will open, everything will be done in the right area (the white one). The only new windows that will open will be when the "See Also" links are clicked to open a web browser.

So that's pretty much how it will work. The reason I want to do the settings this way is:
  1. It will make it really easy to navigate the settings, giving it a clean interface
  2. It will be less intrusive since it doesn't open any new windows
  3. It looks good
  4. It will look more like a natural part of Windows 7
So what do you think?