Monday, September 20, 2010

Beta update: more format support, loads of bugfixes

Good news, everyone!

I have just released a new upgrade to Stoffi Beta. It contains a lot of neat stuff for you to enjoy.

This upgrade is a bit tricky since I had to fix a bug in the upgrade system. So Stoffi will first download and install the first upgrade which fixes the upgrade system, then after a restart it will download this upgrade.

So what's in the upgrade?

First of all this is mainly a bugfix release. It fixes a lot of bugs, actually I don't have any issues of type 'defect' left on the tracker anymore. However, I am pretty sure there are still at least 50 bugs left to find. Who will find the most? Come on, let's hunt!

However, there's a small surprise in this for you. I have had people asking me to add support for more formats. Stoffi is pretty useless if it can only play mp3 files. I had a long look at the issue and tried a few approaches. I ended up with one that I feel pretty confident about. Here's a list of all the file extensions that Stoffi now supports:

  1. aac
  2. ac3
  3. aif
  4. aiff
  5. ape
  6. apl
  7. bwf
  8. flac
  9. m1a
  10. m2a
  11. m4a
  12. mov
  13. mp+
  14. mp1
  15. mp2
  16. mp3
  17. mp3pro
  18. mp4
  19. mpa
  20. mpc
  21. mpeg
  22. mpg
  23. mpp
  24. mus
  25. ofr
  26. ofs
  27. ogg
  28. spx
  29. tta
  30. wav
  31. wv
Woah! That's a lot! However, I will later add cda when I add support for Audio CDs. If there's any format that you feel is missing from this list please let me know and I will try my best to add it.

Note that no additional installation of any codecs or software is required. Stoffi will play these out of the box!

One problem, though. A lot of these formats support DRM. If you have any protected files Stoffi can't play them. It will just skip them. In order to play DRM music I need to purchase a license. This cheapest of these costs €125 and I can't really afford that right now. So if you really, really, really want Stoffi to play your DRM music just send me some money for a license and I will fix it. Until then, enjoy your free music instead. :)