Monday, November 1, 2010

Beta update: customizable shortcuts, add button in toolbar

Good news everyone...

I just released a big batch of upgrades to the beta. This relase contains a number of bugfixes as well as some new features that you've asked for.

To begin with we have a new, shiny "Add"-button in the toolbar to easily allow you to add your music to Stoffi. The second and biggest feature improvement is that keyboard shortcuts can now be changed! Each shortcut can be set to just about anything. Just be careful if you set it to a single letter. You will still be able to type into the searchbox and such but some planned feature may not work as well. You can also use profiles, which allows you to save a specific set of shortcuts and change between different profiles when you like. There's a default set of profiles that comes with Stoffi, which uses the same shortcuts as a number of big music applications (such as Windows Media Player, Winamp and iTunes). Last, but not least you can make the playback commands (play, pause, next, previous, etc) into global shortcuts. This means that Stoffi will listen to them even when Stoffi doesn't have focus.

So, that's almost about it for now. Oh, yeah. One last thing: you can't upgrade from the latest version. I just found a big, scary bug that makes it impossible to upgrade from that version. It will crash and burn. So go to the download page and reinstall Stoffi. I'm sorry!

Oh, and I will soon release a new update on the good old website. Just to make it look fresh and modern when we prepare for the stable release (which will not have any upgrade bugs!).

So, install this new and awesome release and find me some new bugs! Good luck!