Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More studies, about a month left

Hey guys!

I left quiet in a hurry. I have a total of five exams in December and another one in January. It seems that studying 150% has really taken its toll, especially now at the end of the term. I only got about two-three weeks of working on Stoffi between the two exam periods but hopefully I can get a bunch of work done after the holidays and a few weeks before the midterm exams in the spring.

So what does this mean? It means I cannot release a stable version before the year's end. But that doesn't matter. It will come in due time and it will be awesome. Trust me. :D Right now I am doing some really heavy-lifting in the code area. Moving stuff around and organizing it better. I am almost done, when it's finished it will let me treat every "view" separately. This means that you can use one search on History and have another search for playlist 'Chill Music', etc. You can also have one sort order in Queue, another sort order in History, etc. Each list is different and separate. Of course I will continue to have an ability to have just one sort and one search for every list in case you don't want this new feature. :)

While in the middle of my Chinese studies and trying to get a hang of Discrete Mathematics and Database Design I have asked my server provider if they have support for IPv6. I started thinking of it when I read that the IPv4 addresses will run out next year at IANA. They kindly gave me two addresses to play with. I have also registered a new domain and created a new website for Stoffi. So while I cannot confirm it (my home router doesn't support IPv6) this new website should support IPv6. However Stoffi itself does not yet support IPv6 (while doing the upgrades) but it is a planned feature to make sure that Stoffi is future-proof.

So that's pretty much it. Sorry for keeping you waiting but I have to put the university first, I wish I had more time but right now I don't. However as you can tell I have a lot of great new things coming your way as soon as I can find some time and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Keep on posting bugs and feature requests in the meantime. Or maybe help me update the wiki? :P

Anyway, happy holidays! Hope you have a wonderful time!