Saturday, January 15, 2011



I have just finished implementing a very rudimentary bookmark feature for Stoffi. I have a few details to share as well as the plans on how to further move this feature forward in subsequent releases.

First of all the feature as it is now is very limited. I have chosen to limit this feature for the stable release in order to get the code out faster and work in a more iterative process. I have two mantras that I try to follow as much as possible when I code:

The first is the one from the open source world
"Release early, release often"

The second is a quote from Linus Torvalds:
"Make it work, then make it good, then make it fast"

Trying to create a perfect project on the first try will almost always end in failure. That's why I have started with just getting a basic bookmark feature out there.

Ok, so now moving on to how to further improve this feature. First of all I want to add the ability to drag bookmarks along the timeline and I want to add labels to them. I am also planning on adding a bookmark manager later on where one can add, remove and change bookmarks. Think of how bookmarks are handled in your favorite web browser.

I will try to release an update to Beta in two weeks and you can test out the feature. All bugs that you may (read: will) find will be fixed before going Stable.