Sunday, January 30, 2011

Documentation overflow


First I will let you know that a small upgrade has been released to address Issue #100. Can you believe it? 100 bugreports and feature requests! Keep 'em coming! :D

Next up: the massive flood of documentation that has just landed in the wiki, and the never ending torrent of it that the future will hold.

That's right. I have just uploaded a lot of documentation to the project wiki. Including a swedish translation. If you want to help you can always translate the documentation into another language. It's pretty easy. Just download the wiki folder in SVN. There you will find all wiki files and a folder for each language. Create a new folder for your language, copy all .wiki-files into it and start editing them in your favorite text editor. Make sure you change the encoding to UTF-8.

So, what made this possible? It is a small program I created called WikiDocGenerator that resides inside the Stoffi solution. It takes the XML file that Visual Studio generates from the comments in the code and turns them into Google Wiki files.

This will let me keep the documentation near the code but also make it readable from within a browser in a convenient way.

Not all code is documented yet, though. So as the comments keeping coming the wiki will expand.