Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some new updates

So, the holidays are over and I have started coding on Stoffi again.

So far I have fixed a few bugs that has been lying around. I have also refactored all the TrackLists so now each playlist (as well as library, queue and history) have their own TrackList with accompanied data (such as search, column configuration, etc). This has brought us the feature of being able to have a separate search for each playlist.

Along with this I have also cleaned up some code regarding to the Media Manager as well as separating some other logical elements of the UI to make the code easier to work with.

There's still a lot of cleanup to do in the code before I am fully satisfied but progress is being made.

I have also added the ability to import and export playlists. So far both pls and m3u files are supported, but I plan on adding more in later milestones.

I have an exam on Jan 10 but after that one I don't have anything until midterm so hopefully I will be able to get some work done on Stoffi. I will hopefully release all these and some more updates to the beta channel before that. :)