Saturday, February 12, 2011

A new release and a new member


My name is Mark, and I'm a new member of the programming team for Stoffi Music Player. Currently I am at my first year in the University and studying computing science. My reasons (besides getting a big paycheck) is because I find programming to satisfy my problem solving needs, or in other words: I like it! Not that it's the only thing I ever do in life. I also enjoy playing computer games, reading books/comics and playing boardgames.

So, Stoffi. I came to be involved in this project by huge coincidence. To make a long story short: I just happened to meet Ephracis through school when he actually studies at home most of the time. Anyway, I'm really excited about Stoffi, not only because it's a really great music player (now that is, it's going to get a lot more awesome later on) and because it's really fun a fun project to be a part of, but also because it helps me to expand on my programming skills.

As said, Stoffi is a great music player, and it's still growing! Over these next months and years we're going to implement new features to make it into something that will give you a really enjoyable music playing experience!

I am also proud to announce the latest beta release which fixes a number of bugs and brings us one step closer to the stable release of Stoffi. Check it out and continue to find bugs for us. I hope that we will be able to release the stable version very soon.

See you peeps later!