Thursday, March 3, 2011

Faster installation and more bugfixes


I have just released a bunch of new bugfixes to the Stoffi Beta. There's a few big onces, mostly smaller fixes and some fine adjustments.

For example a crash when cycling through all tracks has been fixed. The Equalizer will now keep its position and size and not revert back to default whenever you open it. The performance has also been fixed and Stoffi will not stutter anymore when settings are changed.

Another neat fix can be found in the installer of Stoffi. Previously you would be shown the unpacker which will unpack some installation files into the current directory and then start the installations. This will now be totally automatic and use a temporary folder instead of the current folder to unpack the installer. This means that when you double-click "Stoffi Installer.exe" you will get directly to the Stoffi installer. That's two less clicks in the installation procedure! :D

As usual, if you can't find any more bugs in Stoffi this will be the last beta release before we go stable. I sure hope this is the last one, but you guys always manage to find even the weirdest and most hidden flaws, and we need to find them all before we can declare Stoffi as stable. So keep hunting those bugs!

Good luck!