Saturday, March 19, 2011

MonoMac 1.0 Is Released

The guys behind Mono has relased the first version of MonoMac which gives us C# developers the great opportunity to develop native Mac OS X application using C# and .NET.

As you may know I have always wanted to bring Stoffi to the Mac and Linux platforms in the future. In order to use C# and .NET on platforms other than Windows you need to use Mono. I have two virtual machines running both Mac OS X Snow Leopard and the latest Ubuntu, waiting for me to get working on bringing the Stoffi love to both platforms.

That's why during the beta of Stoffi I started to extract a lot of the basic functionality of Stoffi and put that code inside a core. The plan is to make this core agnostic about the GUI, and only provide fundamental functionality such as playback, playlists management, upgrading Stoffi and managing the filesystem. All these features can be done using the core .NET libraries which means that it can be run on Mono.

In turn, the GUI will be discarded totally and a completely new GUI will be written for both Linux and Mac OS X. One of the heart goals of Stoffi has always been to look and behave really good. I want to think of our unofficial motto to be "By Default" which means that Stoffi should look and feel like it is the default application for playing music, on any platform.

That's why one of the priorities for the next release is to keep moving the GUI code out of the core and working on creating a clear separation. My hopes is that when we release the next upgrade to Stoffi stable the core will compile on both Linux and Mac OS X so that we can create the new GUIs for the third release which should be the one that includes support for more platforms than Windows 7.

I am not a Mac person so I am really interested in knowing what exactly are the most native things in your Macs? Stoffi for Windows have used Windows Explorer as a role-model since it certainly is the most native Windows application that I know of.

So for those of you using something other than Windows: bear with me, you will feel the love soon enough.