Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Upgrade for multiple users, scan indicator and GUI tweaks

Hi, gang!

I am proud to announce what may be the last beta release of Stoffi before we can officially, finally declare ourselves as stable. This release contains mostly small tweaks and fixes but there's a few surprises in there as well.

Keeping Settings For Multiple Users
When Stoffi was upgraded it would keep the settings and migrate them from the old version to the new one. The problem is that if there were any other users on the same system using Stoffi their settings would disappear. This has now been fixed and all users' settings will now be migrated during the upgrade process.

Scan Indicator
When Stoffi starts for the first time it does an initial scan. However, there's no way for the user to know this. Stoffi will also do a quick scan each time it's started just to check out if something has happened to the files when it was closed. Again, there was no way for the user to know this.
That's why I have added a small indicator in the top right corner which will show you when Stoffi is performing a scan and how it is going. Hopefully, this will explain to you why it takes a few seconds for the music to appears the first time Stoffi is started.

There's currently no way to turn this feature off. I figured that having a checkbox for this one might clutter the Preferences (remember, we need to be conservative since there's a lot of more settings that will appear in future versions of Stoffi, so we need the space). If you feel that you absolutely MUST turn this off I might consider adding a checkbox for it.

Other Tweaks
There's some other tweaks in there as well. Some alignment of text, some margins fixed, some text wrapping added, etcetera. There's a list of all issues that were fixed in this release here.

Known Bugs
So here we go, there's two known bugs that will get into the stable release. First of all there's the problem with global shortcuts. I have done an attempt to fix this but I haven't found a way to get rid of it. I have managed to narrow it down but it will not be fixed soon. However, it will only occur if you press a global shortcut or a media key a repeated number of times successively. When you do that there's a high risk that the media keys and any global shortcuts will stop working but it can be fixed by just restarting Stoffi.

The next issue is one that has to do with how Stoffi watches the filesystem for changes. It seems that .NET is not giving me all the changes I need in order to keep your music in sync. Right now Stoffi will only detect changes inside the folders that you have added. So if you would rename a parent folder or move it then Stoffi would not detect that and your music would be out of sync (read: you won't be able to play those tracks anymore). However, if you restart Stoffi than it will remove all tracks from the library (since it can't find them any more) and you'll have to add them again manually. The good news is that there is a plan on how to fix this issue but it will require a lot of work which means that it will take some time to fix and it will need to be tested since it may introduce some new, smaller bugs.

Stable Release
Unless there's any bug that's big enough in this release then I will soon release stable. This release will be rolled out through our automatic upgrade system. There's a small fix in the upgrade manager which is required prior to this release but you should have the newest Stoffi available in just two restarts.

Try it out, check to see if everything is alright with it. If I don't hear any screams in the next week or so I will start preparing for a stable release of Stoffi.

Have fun!