Saturday, March 19, 2011

A visualizer problem and a solution to it

Hi, gang!

I've noticed that some of you guys may have gotten into a bit of trouble if you used the experimental visualizer feature. The latest upgrade seemed to have broken the Visualizers for some and for those people Stoffi have become unable to start. If this has happened to you then read on for a solution to how to fix it.

The Problem
This will only happen if you have gone to "Preferences" and clicked on "Enable Visualizer". This is an experimental and highly unstable feature. You did get a big, fat warning when you enabled it. If you don't know what I am talking about then this problem is not affecting you.

For those of you who took the risk and enabled the visualizers this latest upgrade may have been affected of an issue that make Stoffi crash with an error message when you try to start it.

The Reason
There's an explanation on the bug report which also contains a solution. If you want to know why this bug appeared you can jump over to the project site and read more about it. There's also a rough plan on how to fix this before stable.

The Solution
The solution to this issue is to manually go into the settings file and turn off the visualizer feature.

Start by pressing Win+E. This should open up the Windows Explorer window. Go to C: and you will see a folder named Users. In that folder you should see a folder with your login name. Open it.

Now click on the Organize button which is to the upper left. Then click on Folder and search options.

The Folder Options window

This will bring up the Folder Options window. Under the tab View there is an option named Show hidden files, folder and drives which you must enable.

Now close the window by clicking on OK and you will come back to the Windows Explorer window displaying your user folder. It have now appeared a folder named AppData which is partly transparent. Inside that folder there is another folder named Local which in turn will contain a folder named Brodd-Reijer. In it there will be a folder for Stoffi which starts with Stoffi.exe_Url_ and have a random string on the end. Inside that folder is a folder for a specific version of Stoffi. The latest release of Stoffi has version number You have now finally gotten into the absolute core of Stoffi. Inside that folder is the file where Stoffi keeps its internal settings.

Open the file named user.config in your favorite text editor. You can use notepad by right-clicking on user.config and select Open With. Select the application Notepad.

You are now looking at Stoffi's memory. It is a text file and in there you will find a line that says "EnableVisualizer".

Change the text True to False and Save the file.

Now Stoffi will start up as usual. If you enable Visualizers again and close Stoffi you will have to repeat this procedure again until I release a fix which I will do as soon as my last exam is over which is next Friday.

Good luck!