Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A new release and another team member

Greetings music lovers!

We have a fresh new release for you which include a number of bugfixes, mostly related to the file system. Try it out, take it for a spin and help us find the last bugs before our first, real release.

My name is Hylton and I hail from Johannesburg, South Africa (any soccer (football) fans out there would know that we were chosen as the very first African country to host the FIFA World Cup, which was held last year). I currently work as an Office Manager for a Trading Company.

Windows music applications have rarely appealed to me. I tolerated a small selection, as I needed something to listen to my music. The search for a better music application has never stopped, since Windows 95! Only two players have ever stood out, namely Sonique and Billy. My search finally came to an end when I found some random post on some random website pointing to the then named YAMA. What immediately appealed to me were the beautiful UI and the integration into Windows 7. The reason I continue to use Stoffi is the exceptional manner in which Christoffer has dealt with all of my bug reports and feature requests. To date I have reported 143 defects and 40 enhancements! Each one has been carefully assessed by Christoffer and all have been accepted.

Christoffer recently invited me onto the team, which I was honoured to accept. My roles include: Head of QA Department, whereby I test Stoffi before releases; Chief Tracker Operator, whereby I organise and verify user issues and PR Manager and Community Leader, whereby I provide support for Stoffi's users. This is a great team to be a part of and I look forward to serving the community.

My vision for Stoffi is that it continues to grow into the world's most amazing music application. Specifically, for me, this includes: instant startup no matter the size of the Music Library; displaying the Music Library as a list of folders, as found in Windows Explorer and further expansion of our unique song bookmarking feature. Being able to jump to any part of any song using bookmarks is fantastic.

Now is the time to try each and every feature of Stoffi, in any and all combinations and to give us feedback about any problems you experience so that any remaining bugs can be found before going stable.

For those of you who already have Stoffi installed you don't need to do anything. Stoffi will upgrade itself automatically. If you don't have Stoffi yet you should go and install it now.

Cheers for now!