Monday, April 25, 2011

Next Stoffi will have better sources

As I am closing the last bugs on the beta I have started to work on the next version of Stoffi. The first feature will be an upgraded way to manage your sources.

Instead of one whitelist and one blacklist we will now have a single list where each location can either be toggled as include or as ignore. We will also make it possible to nest these arbitrarily; you can include a folder, inside an ignored folder, which in turn is inside an included folder, and so on.

This will fix the current issue which always let the blacklist win. It will also fix a number of other bugs related to the way Stoffi handles the file system.

This also marks the start of our next version of Stoffi. Hopefully we can have a first alpha out some time after the first stable version of Stoffi goes live. We will aim at having a faster release schedule and quicker releases, at least in the alpha and possibly the beta channel.