Monday, April 18, 2011

Troubles with the filesystem

Hey, guys!

The last release was not as bug free as I wished. There was a number of issues related to how Stoffi handles the filesystem. I started to work on them, then decided that the "Filesystem Manager" and the whole "Library Sources" needed to be rewritten, after which I decided to push that feature/rewrite into the next version. A lot of back and forth but now the issues are gone.

So to recap: the filesystem manager needs to be rewritten. We have some stuff that we need to rethink. The separate whitelist/blacklist will go away and we will keep ONE list where each folder/file can either be toggled as "include" or "ignore". This will let you include a folder, in which you ignore a folder, which in turn contains a file that you want to include. Nested includes and ignores FTW!

However, this will not be in Stoffi until the next release (codenamed Shang). For our current release I fixed the most pressing issues, the others will be fixed later on.

Right now there's only two issues left in the current milestone. Both are related to the release and not something that can be fixed in code. This means that we are pretty much done and it's time again to start the release tests and packaging procedure.

Hopefully you will get the latest batch of bugfixes in your Stoffi soon enough. Maybe this can be our last beta release?

Here's for hoping...