Friday, May 6, 2011

Stoffi has been released


For over a year has Stoffi been under development. The time and energy I have been investing in this has been both high and low. I have found some wonderful people along the way and now we can together finally release the first stable version of Stoffi Music Player.

Our first release is named Xia (you can read about the name on our website's news section). Even though the feeling that we have right now is "finally" this is really the start of Stoffi. This is the base from where we jump, the first step of our journey.

There's many features in the future of Stoffi. Many bugs still waiting to be squashed. But we feel that it is finally stable enough for you to enjoy on an every day basis. Download Stoffi and you get to enjoy features such as silent upgrades, bookmarks in your songs, automatic synchronization with the filesystem, queue function, a track history and a very beautiful interface.

There will be a release party in Sweden on May 20. If you can't join us just throw your own party and celebrate music with us.

Now, let's enjoy this release and look forward into the future of Stoffi with new energy.