Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stoffi is advertising on Google

A couple of days ago I got an email from Google. I have used AdWords in the past (about a year ago when I got a welcome gift of $80). Now, they wanted me to return and check out all the new stuff they have done to AdWords. They gave me $140 to come back.

The timing was perfect. I could spend the $140 on promoting Stoffi.

So here's the kicker. Right now I am working for a company called Campanja which does optimization of Internet advertising. I have tried to pick up a few things about what makes a good campaign.

We start with the goals. Usually they are sales or something else that generates money. Stoffi is free so our goal is downloads. Stoffi has been tracking downloads since mid-April and before this campaign we had about 50 downloads. The ads have now been running for 1½ days and we have already gotten 10 more downloads.

So how does AdWords work? Well, I make a few ads. I have both text ads and image ads. You can see some of the ads below. I run the ads on keywords that I think are relevant. I have added keywords such as "music player", "free media player", "download music player for windows", etc, etc. Hopefully I will catch people who are looking for something like Stoffi.

I am trying to experiment with different landing pages (front page versus download page) and different wordings, trying to see what people like the most. What gives us downloads?

So far I am paying around 4-5 cents for each click and I have a conversion rate of about 5% with a CTR (click-through-rate) of around 1%. This means that if my ads are shown to 100,000 people 1% will click on them and 5% of the people who click on them will download Stoffi. Out of 100,000 people that equals 5 downloads. Luckily I only pay for clicks. :)

So what will happen when the $140 are used and gone? Well, I will not continue running any ads on Google. It's not worth the money. A few weeks ago I posted a comment on where I connected the article to Stoffi and provided a link to our website. It's a little spammy but I tried to stay relevant to the article and I think people liked it. I got over 200 clicks the first day, 180 the second day and then it went down to 40 clicks and then back to the normal number of visits per day. That's for free! 420 clicks is about $16 worth of advertising. How many downloads? 20, still about 5%.

So, from my small experiments while Stoffi was hidden in the shadows and in beta I have learned a few things. I think that the impact of the work that Hylton will do is going to be worth a whole lot of money for us. Nothing beats being on relevant websites for free.

But we will also try to rely on word-to-mouth. So please, tell your friends about Stoffi.