Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Upgraded website and forth member

Hello everyone,

We who do Stoffi are very thankful for all the support we are getting from our users. We will break 1,000 downloads in a few days, we have been featured on a number of high profile websites, there's a release party on Friday and our team is growing. To celebrate all this we are launching a new, upgraded website.

Take a look and read more about the improvements we have made.

New Member
But first, let me introduce myself. I'm Tianwen Zhang, you can just call me Tevin. I come from China and as a new member of the team, I'm happy to meet the really kind and wise people in this family.
As a developer and perhaps the Chinese translator I will try my best to help improve Stoffi.

One day I was searching for anything interesting on the internet, on the one hand, just for fun; on the other hand I needed to enhance my programming. That's when I found Stoffi.

But why I'm interested in Stoffi not just because it's an interesting project but also because I'm a music lover, and since I am studying software engineering in college it's not unexpected that I once developed a music player on my own. However, for many reasons it stoped in the midway, but my dream is still there.

Stoffi had all that I wanted in my own music player. It is excalty what I wanted it to be. So I joined the team and I'm very honored to work on this great project.

BTW, I'm in charge of the new detail pane on the bottom of Stoffi for now, I think you will like it in the next release! :)

Now, let me tell you a bit about our new website.

Better Home
The new website features a new and improved first page with a slideshow, showing you the best features of Stoffi along with a short introduction, a new donation button and some quotes (we don't have any cool quotes yet so in the meantime we have been trying to predict what the first quotes will be :).

There's also a download button on the front page now, which will take you directly to Stoffi. This way you can get to Stoffi in just one click.

The new home page does contain a lot more information than it used to but we are trying to still keep it simple and clean. There's some sharing buttons to help you share Stoffi with your friends which does add a bit to the loading time of Stoffi. We will be measuring the loading time and see how much of an effect it will have. As with Stoffi, our aim is at being simple and fast but still powerful and elegant.

News Experiment
We are doing a small experiment with the News section. Instead of big chunks of text we are trying to present our latest and greatest bits of information in a form which makes it easy and fun to read. We also keep all the latest Twitter feeds and Facebook updates on this page.

Right now the only news item is the release announcement for Xia. It contains a small description of the first release of Stoffi, some highlighted features, a pair of screenshots and some actions for you to take from there.

Hope you like it.

Simplified Download
We have scaled down the download page and put all in one page now. We are hiding additional information such as the complete list of downloads but it is accessible with just one click (as it was before). We have also added checksums so you can verify that the file you have downloaded is indeed the real deal, and not infected with malware or viruses. There's instructions on how to verify Stoffi on the download page.

All About Everything
We taken everything about the team, about the release, about Stoffi in general as well as its future and put it all in one place. This will reduce the number of clicks for you as you get all the information about everything Stoffi in just one page. It's presented in a nice and varied way to make it fun to read.

A Lot More
There's of course a lot more that's been updated with minor changes such as the contact form, the join section and the tour. We have also renamed "License" to "Legal" and added our view on privacy. Hopefully you will enjoy all our changes. We have some more plans on how to further enhance the website but that's for another day. Now we need to get back to working on Stoffi

OK guys, that's all. thanks for your time and enjoy the new website! :)