Sunday, September 11, 2011

Introducing Project Genesis


Yet another part of the Stoffi Hackathon 2011 here. My work will consist of creating "life" in the Stoffi world in form of a Stoffi Platform for user accounts and the birth of some services that we will offer our dear users.

First of all I will make it possible to register a user account. I will make sure that the process will be as clean and fast as possible (for example with the user of Facebook Connect). My experience is that people are somewhat reluctant to create accounts on new websites, my guess is that it's mostly because of the amount of effort involved in creating an account. So my aim will be to make this procedure as smooth and fast as possible.

When you have an account here on Stoffi you will be able to enjoy some services that we will offer. The first service will be the synchronization of your configuration. That is: which song you are playing, the media state (playing, paused), the playlists you have created and so on.

This will let us create applications to control this configuration from for example an iPhone app. My main focus here will be on privacy. So the configuration will be encrypted while stored on our servers and impossible for anyone but YOU to access and read. Further, all communication will be encrypted thanks to HTTPS. We are already using HTTPS for the communication with the upgrade server but we are using a self-signed certificate for that. So my first task was to buy a real certificate that we could use on in order to make sure that our users don't get some scary warning.

As I am the creator of Stoffi I will take a role as project manager for this Hackathon which means that I may not have as much time as the others to work on my mini project. However, I hope that I will manage to get it all done and hopefully even get some of those old bugs fixed as well. There's tons of work to do and we'll see just how much I'll manage to get done before the time runs out. :)

Follow my project on the wiki and keep an eye on this blog for further posts.