Sunday, September 11, 2011

Introducing Project Mind Reader

Good news everyone!

My name is Martin and I'm here to add a smart shuffle function as well as some suggest music functions for Stoffi.

My name is Martin Håstad, and I'm also a student at Uppsala university in the field computer science. I'm quite fond of algorithms and doing things that take some computational power in smart ways. And also I have a background in Mathematics. I'm a big fan of computer games and competing in every way. I used to play table tennis and practice MMA, but nowadays I'm too lazy and just go to the gym instead.

In Stoffi Hackathon 2011 my primary tasks will be to create a smart shuffle that has some understanding of which music you want to listen to depending on your current choice of music, maybe possibly even the time of day, and some other factors. This will be a function that is learning from you. Also I will be working on connecting all this information to be able to get the server to give you suggestions for new music that you might like. Because discovering new music and expanding your collection is a very important part I would say. How this is going to be implemented is so far a mystery. Most likely I will create some large graphs that are analyzed to generate which songs belongs together. If anyone has an opinion on how to implement this, or how the graph should be weighted I'm happy to take suggestions.

If you find this interesting continue to read my blog posts, they are tagged with "project mind reader" and check out the wiki. That will hopefully be updated soon.

Martin "Lirick" Håstad