Sunday, September 11, 2011

Introducing Project Remote


As a part of the Stoffi Hackathon 2011, I will be creating a remote control app that will allow you to control Stoffi Player using an iPhone, iPod or iPad. The app will have the most basic features of Stoffi Player, such as controlling playback and manipulating playlists.

My name is Fredrik Gadnell. I currently study computer science in Uppsala, Sweden, and work part time as an iOS developer. My two greatest passions are composing music and developing games, including the overlapping area of composing music for games :).

These features will be presented with a beautiful touch controlled interface. If time allows, I will also add some innovative and interesting features like starting a playlist by snapping your fingers. I will post weekly updates on my progress on this blog. More information on the project will be available on the project wiki page.

I look forward to give you more information in the next weekly post!

- Fredrik "Gadd" Gadnell