Saturday, September 17, 2011

Introducing Project Visual


I am Carl, currently a student at Uppsala University, and in a little more than a month i will be diving in to the task of making the visualizer plugin system as part of the Stoffi Hackathon 2011.

Step one of the visualizer is to make a straight forward plug-in system that will allow anyone with a little coding experience to make their own visualizer. The exact technical details are yet to be decided, but i will aim to make it as easy as possible for anyone to pick up the system and get going.
The visualizer will include a streamlined system for interacting with the musicplayer without interruptions.

Though i doubt i will have time this year to get further than that, i do have some visions for the future as well. With several years of experience in game programming, both as a student and as a professional gameplay programmer, i would like to bring interactivity to the visualizer. My hopes are to be able to provide what is needed to actually make games (at least simple ones), in the visualizer.

My own philosophy in Project Visual is to put as good tools as possible in the your (the users) hands, so that you can unleash your creativity without having to do the groundwork yourself.

So if you have any crazy ideas for anything related to the visualizer, throw it my way, and the earlier the better.