Friday, September 9, 2011

Introducing Stoffi Hackathon 2011

As part of our studies at the University here in Uppsala we, a group of five students, will have the opportunity to work on Stoffi. It is a combined effort where we all will strive to put more focus on the music and make it easier to engage in your music.

Each of us will take on a particular task which we will work on invididually. However, some of these tasks are dependent on each other so we will have to stay coordinated with each other during the whole period.

In an attempt to keep everyone (including our users and fans as well as each other) each of us will post on this blog once a week. We will let you know what we did last week, what we aim to accomplish this week and if we have or anticipate any problems with our work.

This week (which is near an end) we will begin by introducing each of us and what we will do. If you want more information check out our project wiki.