Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Social: Report 2


Another week has passed and it marks the end of researching, for a while at least.

Last Week
Now I have finished reading most of the stuff that I need to know about facebook apps and how to create them.

Moreover, I have been working on some of the algorithms in making the app. It's nothing too special: how to send them up, how to delete the ones you don't want anymore, etc.

Like the first week this was mostly a lot of reading up on what to do, and it was a pain. There was a time there when I just couldn't read up on it anymore. I was reading it, but the words just didn't come through to me. I ended up reading the same paragraph over and over again before moving on. It's not like it happened after some hours of reading, it was just like that after I took a break too.

However I do feel that I got the most out of what I need to know, but I still probably need to read up on some stuff to get the job done.

This Week
Anyways, now it's time to make the app! That's what I will be focusing on most for now on. First up is making sure the app can take in one track before moving on to play-lists.

See ya next week!