Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Remote: Report 2

Time for another report on the progress of the app!

Last week
I added an existing OAuth framework to the project and made it work together with the existing classes. You can now login to Stoffi directly from the app. Once logged in, the app will sign any future requests to the Stoffi server with an authentication object created when the first login occured. This allows the app to stay connected to Stoffi for longer sessions without requiring the user to input his/her credentials again.

Understanding OAuth to the degree required to integrate the framework with my existing code.

This Week
I will add the ability to register a new user through the app. My aim is also to finish remote playback control through the app, starting with the most basic functions such as play/pause.

Hopefully, the app will be able to remotely control a Stoffi music player in about a week! :)