Thursday, October 27, 2011

Found some old websites

As I have been digging through the server I decided to move the old versions of the website back onto the Internet. When I was looking at them I found one of the first screenshots of Stoffi. Even though Stoffi was great even at the very beginning it had some shortcomings and there has been a lot of improvements since then.

Website Version 1
This screenshot is from the first website of Stoffi. The website is dark and at one time I had an image on the front page.

With front image:
Without front image:

Website Version 2
The second version of the website is much lighter and features our beloved orange color. It is very sparse and you are welcomed by a big screenshot on the first page.

That's it. But we are far from done with the website updates. The Zhou release will introduce a whole new account system and thus will feature a pretty large update to the website. It will also include our first mobile version of our website.

Even though the biggest upcoming update to the website is the Zhou release our imminent Shang update will bring some cool enhancements as well, for example a very much improved tour. Want a sneak peak? Check it out!