Monday, October 3, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 3

It's that time of the week again. Another report from the cloudy sky!

I've been doing some real progress even though I have actually moved some focus toward the current Shang beta. The Shang release is really moving in closer and when Shang is released Zhou will move into beta and we'll have a feature freeze. So right now I am trying to tidy up Shang while at the same time push in all the planned features of Project Genesis into Zhou.

Busy, busy, busy!

Last week
So, let's start with the work that was done last week. As planned I've managed to create some basic OAuth in the client so it's now possible to connect your Stoffi Music Player with an account on

There's a whole new ServiceManager in place which will handle all communication with our servers. It currently handles authentication and sharing of a track (even though the server won't currently act upon that share).

As I predicted a week ago the biggest challenge was finding a suitable OAuth client for .NET but I found one that's really lightweight and works pretty well. There's a few rough edges and some beauty polish left to take care of though.

This week
This week I will be focusing on bringing about some configurations for users so that Project Remote and Stoffi Music Player can actually communicate with the server and synchronize the configuration of Stoffi.

I will also assist Project Social in connecting our server backend with Facebook for the share API calls.

The biggest challenge I predict for this week will be the ability to push out changes to the clients via our HTTP API. We'll see if I can get some persistent connections up or if I'll start simple by just pulling the server, as a first step. I need a solution that works over HTTP(S) (so we won't suffer from tight firewalls) and has support in Rails and .NET (Project Remote will be using push notifications).