Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 5

A calm week when it comes to the Stoffi front. Exam period was in full swing and my priorities was elsewhere. But yesterday the exam period ended and this week will be all about finishing up the first half of this Hackathon before feature freeze.

Last week
Last week I had to focus on my other courses. I had two exams yesterday and hopefully they went very well. So now I can move my focus back to Stoffi and get it ready for the feature freeze in two weeks.

This week
I will try to finish up most of the stuff this week as I need to take the next week for preparing the stable release of Shang. So this week I will connect Stoffi with the configuration API and get the synchronization up and running. My goal is that at the time I write the next report it will be possible to have two instances of Stoffi running on two computer and have them share a single configuration.

The biggest challenges will be in getting the asynchronous bit in place. I need a way to send changes from the server back to the clients.

As I noted above time will also be a challenge. I have two weeks to both get my current alpha code ready for a feature freeze and I'll have to get the Shang release out the door which includes some work.

Hopefully I'll manage to get everything ready in time.