Monday, October 24, 2011

Project Remote: Report 5 & 6

An update on the lack of progress of the app!

Last two weeks
I have barely worked on the app because of vacation and examination weeks. However, a lot of work have been done on the Genesis project which in turn means that there is very little work left to get the app to remote control desktop instances of the Stoffi player!

This Week
The upcoming week I will finish all integration with the Stoffi cloud services, meaning the app will be able to remotely control the configurations of desktop Stoffi players. A simple GUI has already been made and is already hooked up to control the local configuration (on the device), so once the pushing and pulling of the configuration is complete, the app should work as specified! Once this is up and working, I will define which features will be included before the feature freeze this sunday. Most importantly, I will decide which attributes of the configuration that will be remotely accessible by the iPhone app.