Monday, October 3, 2011

Project Social: Report 3


Code has been typed, meaning things are going underway!

Last Week
A new button has been added! A share button is now available when right-clicking a YouTube track. For the moment it doesn't do anything noticeable, but it will send information to your account in the server and from there send it to Facebook, Twitter and/or Google Buzz. That is, if you're account is connected to any of those services.

A "listened" function is also in the works, thanks to Christoffer. What it does is send information specifically to Facebook's Open Graph service, adding it to the new ticker there. Like share, it doesn't do anything spectacular for the moment, but it's getting there!

The schedule (that I wrote down in our wiki page) hasn't exactly been followed to the letter, but that's no big deal since it will be taken care shortly anyway.

There have been some issue with another course, so my mind have been wandering to that one at times.

Not much coding have been going on last week, but there have been some more researching so there have at least been some progress.

This Week
Now it's time to finish the coding that is left for the app, the server, and what little there is left to do with the share and listened functions in the Stoffi Music Player.

With this being the last week before feature-freeze there will be some rushing to get this done this week, at least so that we have all the necessary features before testing it out for bugs.

There will be more reading up on Facebook too on how to use its new Open Graph API for our application.

Stay tuned for next week, folks!