Monday, October 10, 2011

Project Social: Report 4


We've had a very busy week and we can now share a song!

Last Week
Sharing a song is now possible through Stoffi Player. It will create a post on your Facebook wall saying the title and artist of the song. It even comes with a link to the website so you can watch the YouTube song there. Later you will also be able to open the song in your own Stoffi Player or in YouTube.

I've also added a function for sharing playlists. But that one will be more complex than just sharing a song and will have to wait for next version.

Getting to use our test users for testing the app was (and still is) a problem. The thing is that we need to have their password (to login) but getting it is difficult. The only way to getting "logged in" as a tester user is to "switch" to it from inside the app, which is not possible to do from inside Stoffi.

This Week
Now it is time to start testing for bugs and document this whole project.

Without any proper test users it will be difficult as I would rather not have my own account to test the app.

See you next week!