Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update: YouTube streaming, fast edit, backup tools

Sorry! I couldn't wait.

The new version of Stoffi (named Shang) was supposed to be released tomorrow but I couldn't wait that long. So here it is. Tons of features. Many improvements. Millions of tracks.


Millions and millions of tracks
Honestly we don't know how much music there is. YouTube hasn't released any numbers for the last years. We only know one thing: it's much!

Our current YouTube support includes playing any track from YouTube, watching the video inside our embedded browser, mixing YouTube tracks with normal files in playlists or the queue, bookmarking tracks inside a playlist (otherwise they will vanish) and a button to go to YouTube's website to watch the video.

Some kinks I didn't manage to fix before release includes the equalizer not being applied to YouTube sound, fullscreen of videos missing and bookmarks not being saved if you don't keep the track inside a playlist. But don't worry, I'll fix it for you as soon as I can.

Improved properties window
I renamed the old "Information" window that you can access by right-clicking on a song. It's now called "Properties" and has been made to look more like the properties window of Windows Explorer - with a few modifications.

In place edit inside details pane
The details pane has been upgraded to allow for in place edit of meta data. It also dynamically changes the number of fields that are visible depending on the size. Thanks to Tevin for his work on this.

Language support
When Tevin asked me if he could translate Stoffi to Chinese I was forced to quickly implement support for changing language in Stoffi. The result is pretty impressive. You can change language without restarting Stoffi. Really cool!

Stoffi is also offered in Traditional Chinese.

Polished interface
I had time to rewrite the whole list view, abstracting it into its own control. This takes me one step further towards implementing additonal views such as an icon grid. The new view includes icons, support for dropping files or folder onto it and some other cool stuff.

The interface has been polished to look even better.

Easy backups
I have added the ability to export the whole configuration, including added sources, playlists, column configurations and even current searches and selected navigation. The exported file is in an XML format so you can easily open it in an editor or other application if you want to.

It's faster
Even though we have gotten more features I managed to make it even faster. My tests shows a startup time of 1.7 seconds and a scanner speed of 444 tracks per second on my system.

It's smaller
Not only is Stoffi faster it is only smaller. The size of the installation package has gone from 5.5 Mb to 4.8 Mb. That's over 12% smaller!

Get it!
Enjoy all this cool stuff by downloading Stoffi now!

The first release of Stoffi was installed in C:\Program Files and thus required an UAC prompt so it could get admin rights (which it needed in order to upgrade itself). I got a feature request to remove this and thus I moved Stoffi into the user folder.

For those of you on the old version I really suggest doing a reinstallation. Also, during my release testing I noticed that some systems did not have this UAC prompt and thus can't upgrade themselves. So if this is the case you are forced to reinstall.

A bit disappointing since I was looking forward to letting Stoffi shine with the silent upgrades but I guess that'll have to wait for our next release.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for a write up on the updates to the website. Oh, and we have an upcoming beta release with some cool remote control features as well.