Monday, October 3, 2011

What's going on with this Hackathon?

While I'm sure no one on this earth have missed that we at Stoffi is doing a half-year long Hackathon as part of our studies, there may be some of you who haven't the full picture of all the awesome stuff that's going on here.

So I thought that I'd take some time to give you a nice wrap up on what we've done so far. I'll also talk a little about some of the plans we have, both for the rest of the Hackathon as well as the future ahead.

This weekend we had a little sprint where we gathered at my house and was up all night hacking on Stoffi, playing games and watching series. First I want to thank everyone for coming and I want to congratulate everyone on the work that got done. Every project have now moved into their implementation phase and we have some amazing stuff in place now.

Music in heaven
Stoffi has now a cloud platform where you can register an account and connect your Stoffi Music Player to that account. Furthermore you are able to link that account to Facebook, Twitter and/or Google. You can even use one of these accounts to signup to Stoffi so you won't have to register at all. And you can do it all right inside Stoffi without ever having to open a web browser!

It is also possible to register your own app and use it to access the Stoffi platform just as Stoffi Music Player will be able to do. It's open for everyone!

Telekinesis with a different sound
One app we've created that will use this platform is an iPhone and iPad app named Stoffi Remote which will let you remotely control any running Stoffi application. It can currently be connected to our services and has a draft GUI in place, and it looks really good!

As usual our aim will be on an amazingly looking interface and a smooth user experience, fully integrated. It will be a natural part of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. (You'll event think that it's not really a separate app but something that Apple shipped with your device!)

Music is social
These new amazing services has opened up an opportunity to create some amazing new features. Stoffi will now be connected to your social network and can become a part of your life in a much more engaging way.

We have created a sharing button inside Stoffi for any YouTube track which lets you share your favorite tracks with your friends with just one click.

Stoffi will also submit all the tracks you have listened to up to our server where we'll be able to push it out to stuff like Facebooks new OpenGraph. This way your friends will be able to see what you are listening to in real time directly in Facebook.

Intelligent by design
Stoffi has just gotten a new memory where it will be able to remember what songs you like. Using this memory it will even be able to predict what other songs you may like and thus it will be able to suggest new songs for you or even take over the playback and play the songs you are most likely to want to hear right now.

This is some really cool stuff and the data structures are in place along with some methods for manipulating this structure.

Soon in your hands
In a few weeks we'll have our first feature freeze before our mid-release of this Hackathon. For this release we'll have a ton of stuff ready for you.

You will be able to...
  • ...share songs with your friends
  • ...keep several running Stoffis in sync with each other
  • ...remotely control Stoffi using an iOS device
  • ...see what your friends are listening to on Facebook
  • ...see where you have Stoffi running

A bright future
With our new service platform we will be able to deliver a lot more stuff to you even after this Hackathon is over. One example is an automated system for finding out the artist, title, album and genre of a YouTube track, or even find instruction videos on how to play your favorite song on the theremin!

We also plan on bringing more services in together with your music experience such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Soundcloud, and many more.

Music has never been this exciting!