Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 11

The new beta is out and I have started to write parts of the final report. I am currently outlining the whole API and writing a short tutorial for it. I have also managed to bring in both the Download page and the Tour page into the new website.

Last week
Last week I finished off the website after the dreadful upgrade to Rails 3. It is finally back to and beyong where it was before the upgrade. I also managed to squeeze out a beta release of Zhou and some extra content to the new website.

I have started a little on writing the API docs and hope that I will be able to mix some report writing and studies for other courses now.

There was really no big challenges last week. Everything went a lot smoother than expected. The upgrade packaging went extremely smooth. The only frustration was the loss of my Internet connection.

This week
I have not yet finished the control panel on the website and I really need to do that since the beta is actually released. But since it's server side I decided to do it after the release. It should take just a couple of hours anyway.

This week I will also do some heavy documentation, write a few tests and synchronize the Hackathon group.

The biggest challenge is the challenge: to find time. I have a few other courses coming up with exams and it's time to wrap up the report soon as well. But I'll manage to get it all done. I'll just have to sleep less.