Monday, November 7, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 8

The week after the Shang release. It has been somewhat slower since I have divided my time between a new course, an old course and Stoffi, plus some relaxation to celebrate the new release.

But nevertheless, I have managed to get some new stuff going. Like a working registration flow on the website.

Last week
Rightly after I released Shang to stable I pushed some updates to Zhou and successfully merged it into the beta branch. This means that Zhou is now in feature freeze and work on Qin can now begin in trunk.

Furthermore I managed to find some time to polish the new website's login flow, integrating the new reverse turing test. I also stabilized the code in Stoffi that links/unlinks Stoffi with an account.

The challenge this week as to fix the flow of the login/registration procedure on the website. Since we have two flows (a dialog and a complete website) and many calls are made using AJAX there has been a few complications making it take a lot longer than I expected.

This week
This week I'll verify the login/registration procedure on mobile devices and inside Stoffi. I'll also take a look at the problem surrounding communication from Stoffi to the server, where requests starts to timeout. If I manage to get this working I can start on releasing a beta upgrade and deliver these new features to beta testers.

I bet that the communication problems will be a hard nut to crack. It could be that the requests lingers after they have been completed and are not cleaned up properly. I/O resources are unmanaged, I get the timeout on the third and following requests and the network queue has room for 2 requests. Sounds obvious enough but you never know.