Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project Mind Reader: Report 7

Trouble ahoy!

Last week
I started implementing my code on a much larger scale then before and actually integrated it with the rest of this project. Then after a while I decided to test the code I had written by primarily adding files to the library and then removing them again, after doing this several times the application crashed with a stack overflow error. I finally gave up and started commenting out the code that was not working to be able to push it. When pushing there were some merge conflicts and I decided to skip a lot of the changes all together, since they didn't seem to be working anyway.
So most of my work disappeared in a the hellish flame that is merge conflicts.

ChallengesFinding and removing the stack overflow error, that supposedly happens in infinite loops, though I am very confused where such could have come from.

This WeekI will try to get working code so I can start testing it but as you might have guessed, to implement Mind Reader in the current release is a long gone dream.