Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Project Social: Report 11


A lot has been done in this project yet despite other deadlines in another course, but now when that's over and done with there will be even more social integration!

Last Week
I've been thinking of some ideas that ephracis thought would be a good idea for me to do since it's really connected to this project.

I will find a way to have Stoffi take control over the fileformats that it can take care of (like YouTube clips for example). It will be very useful when users are sharing links to songs or playlists over the Internet with each other. I'll design a startup window that lets you as the user change what you want Stoffi to take control over.

So far I've made a hastily done sketch of how that window can look like.

I know it's ugly with all the unused space and whatnot, but it is hastily done. But the end result will be awesome! :)

The only challenge was how to design the window, but since it's pretty small and simple it wasn't much hard work.

This Week
Now I will focus on finding a way to edit the Windows registry so Stoffi can take control of its fileformats using C#.

So far I've gathered that I will have to use a namespace called "Microsoft.Win32". This will give us access to the various functions in order to change the registry.

One challenge will be to alter the registry without causing any damage to Windows, but since one can easily find out how to access any fileformats in the registry it shouldn't be too mindboggling. Still, it doesn't hurt to tread carefully.

Bye for now.