Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Project Visual: Report 2

Second week. A bit more technical, but not much to say. Happy about the progress i have made though.

Last week
Initial implementation is coming along nicely, and the rough initial code design is holding so far. No big surprises or problems, and though i am yet to testrun the system for loading plugins, everything in place is compiling neatly just as suspected.

None so far really, except for minor things i did not already know about visual studio 2010. Found a great tutorial on dynamic load in C# which is making progress pretty easy.

This week
More implementation, and the first testruns of the system. If evrything is working (i hopefully know in a day or two), the the rest of the week, and most of next week, is going to be about building the plugin interface.
The next report is likely to be way more interesting.

Some synch will soon have to be made between myself and ephracis for the communication between the plugin system and the main application. Should prove to be easy enough, but still needs to be done.