Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beta update: cloud and social integration

Finally! I got my Internet connection back today.

I just upgraded beta to the latest Zhou code. Most of this upgrade comes from our Hackathon effort during the last few months.

If you are running Stoffi Beta then it should upgrade automatically, or you can just download the beta. Note that this is beta quality so there are a lot of bugs we haven't fixed yet and many translations are missing.

Firstly, it features integration with our new cloud platform, which has been born through Project Genesis. It allows you to synchronize all your applications and even remotely control them using another computer, phone or tablet.

Thanks to Project Social the new cloud platform is integrated with other social services. It is possible to login with Facebook, Twitter, Google, SoundCloud, Rdio, LinkedIn and Vimeo. It is also possible to share a song on both Twitter and Facebook. We are working on bringing in more external services and more integration.

I had some extra time to also implement some cool features outside the Hackathon scope. You can now generate a random playlist from an existing selection of tracks. Great for when you want to create a playlist to have in the car or on your portable player. I will try to bring additional features such as burning and synchronizing with devices in later releases.

Lastly, you can now tell Stoffi to pause playback while the computer is either locked or you have logged off.

If you want to try out our new Facebook integration you will need to get special testing permissions to our Facebook App. Since the whole platform isn't properly tested yet the app is still in development mode which means that you need special permissions to add it. So you need those permissions before you can login with Facebook.