Monday, December 5, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 12

When looking back at the plans I had for last week I am amazed that I actually managed to get everything done. Well, almost everything. I haven't written any tests yet but I have a few left over from a previous project which are not that different from what I'll need for this project.

Just look at the news page I pushed into the new website. The color theme makes it look even more beautiful than it currently does. Especially the action buttons are much easier on the eyes now.

The news page of the upcoming website.

Overall, a very productive week. Even got some studies done for other courses as well. Yay for efficiency!

Last week
My goals for last week as to:

  • Fill the new website with existing content
  • Finish control panel for embedded view
  • Write documentation
  • Write tests
Firstly, I finished the embedded control panel so it's now possible to link, delink and modify settings for various services directly from inside Stoffi Music Player.

After that I started to move content into the new website. I have moved in the news section, the contact form, the tour and I have almost finished the about page. Still left: contribute, artists, playlists and devices. There's also some missing mobile pages but those tend to be much simpler and easier to create.

However, my biggest achievement last week as the documentation I did. The whole REST API is now thoroughly documented. I am really proud over how structured and complete it got. I think any third party developer will find these resources easy to work with.

Nothing really. The week was really smooth.

This week
This week I have an upcoming exam so I will mostly direct my focus to that course. However, I aim to at least start writing some tests and also get to work on the next version, were we will add the ability to upload playlists for sharing and synchronizing.

Getting the highest grade on the Programming Theory course. No, seriously I don't see many problems ahead. The structure is now in place and the whole project has more or less gone into enhancement/polish mode which makes me face an order of magnitude less problems.