Monday, December 12, 2011

Project Genesis: Report 13

A week full of bugfixes, tests and preparation for a demonstration of our progress this Tuesday. Also got time to move the old "Join" page to the new "Contribute" page. Check out the screenshot below. It features a nice grid of tasks that you can choose from and will now include more information so you can get started with contributing to Stoffi faster and with more ease.

The old "Join" page has been renamed to "Contribute".
And that is a week I had both a written exam and an oral exam. Not bad, huh?

Last week
Just as last week I have been able to complete the goals I set out for myself. Most of the work has been fixing bugs and stabilizing stuff. I started to write some unit tests for the server code as well. Hopefully I can have a full set of tests done before Christmas is over.

I have also started on the new "Contribute" page (which is the old "Join" page). Currently I have more or less just moved some of the original content to the new website, but this is one of those parts of the new website which will feature a lot of new stuff. I plan on doing a web based translation system and get some new content up here so people can get started faster. The old "Join" page was more or less just a text telling you to send us an email. Now I want to add more resources and give people an idea of what they can do before they have to contact us.

Lastly, I have been preparing for a demonstration which we will hold tomorrow for some people at the university. We will show off our progress and hopefully impress a little bit with our new, cool features.

As usual during these bug-fixing times there's not too much challenges showing up. The biggest hurdle is the limit of time and the amount of work that has to be done. At our last meeting we decided that the next feature freeze will be moved to the time we finish our report, essentially removing the second beta period from our Hackathon and placing it after the Hackathon has been finished.

This week
This week I will continue to write tests for the server code and I also plan on start hacking on the next version. Perhaps work a little with both Carl and Mark and get them going a bit. I would like to have Stoffi upload playlists to the server for synchronization before the end of the week as well but that is a bit of a stretch. I may have to push that unto the next week. We'll see.

Making sure that nothing breaks during the demonstration tomorrow. I have run everything and it seems to work fine, but you never know. Hopefully it will work fine and we can get some people impressed with our work.