Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Mind Reader: Report 8

Change of plans and way to many other things to do.

Since last report

Mostly have had to focus on other school assignments, but some big changes have been made to the mind reader. It is no longer client side but rather an analysis done on the server. This can be global for all users to give you a bit more interesting results or done on your own songs. This will be used to recommend new songs to the users (this would require global setting). And also just recommend the next song to be played. Some collection of data has been implemented, but the mining itself is not.

Future plans
 Until Christmas I will be totally out of time but after that, I will implement the mining functions so that the interesting results can be returned to the user, and hopefully hook this up with the cloud functions. More info will come at a time when the work is on its way.