Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Visual: Report 3 and 4

Lack of time, technical issues and a slight redefinition of my part of the project.

The past couple of weeks have seen pretty slow progress. The tests i have been trying to run have been halted by windows access rights to files and folders (that is what seems to be the problem at least), and finding a solution for this to be able to run my test plugin.

Last two weeks
Due to other things requiring my time i have not been able to put proper time in to stoffi. That is about to change though. What has been done however is some slight modifications to the code design as well as a redefinition of the plugin system itself.

The idea is a more general plugin system, so my job will focus more on getting good and robust code platform to expand the plugin system in the future. The idea is still to have a visualizer plugin system more or less ready to go, at least in a basic sense.

Oh you taunt me with your access rights system...

Im currently having some issues loading my test plugin file in debug mode, or for that matter checking if it loads at all when not in debug mode. But all in all it SHOULD work, so in theory i could keep coding like nothing is wrong. In doing so i might end up having to redo alot of what ive written if im wrong though, and that would suck.

This week
Im going to attempt to solve the issues, and while doing so ill focus on updating the schedule and documentation to match the new parts of project visual. Ill start putting code in which i will not be able to test, but i want to keep such things to a minimum. If i have not solved it until friday ill keep the ball rolling and count on a sollution further on.

Hopefully this issue turns out to be nothing more than a road bump and ill soon be making progress like crazy. I intend to find out soon.