Friday, December 23, 2011

We abandon GoDaddy in protest of their support for SOPA

Due to recent support from GoDaddy, the world's largest Internet registrar, of the SOPA legislation I have decided to abandon the company as a customer. I will vote with my wallet and move all my domain to Namecheap.

The new SOPA legislation has been going strong through Congress in the US. It will allow the middle men to censor websites for all American netizens. They will be their own judges and doesn't even have to notify a website that it's about to lose all traffic from the US.

These people are already abusing the current law. They are taking down critical videos which they have no copyright over. Now the laws are about to become even more extreme just to protect this industry. Remember, an industry that is among the strongest right now, with record profits, during a financial crisis.

Now the world's largest Internet registrar, GoDaddy, have announced their support for this madness. Enough with this.

On 29th there will be a "move your domain day". A lot of people have gone together to move away from GoDaddy and give our money to other registrars instead. If you own a domain on GoDaddy please move it, it's really easy and cost less than $10 per domain.

Stop SOPA!

Update: GoDaddy has announced that they no longer support SOPA. But it's too late. We will switch to Namecheap.