Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Social: Summary

Now the time for hackathon has come to a close and this project with it.

What was Project Social all about?

This project was about getting to share your songs and playlists through our newly created cloud system to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. For the most part it had the features we wanted to implement to Stoffi but what wasn't implemented I'll be talking about soon.

Sharing songs

The main goal of this project was to share a song, and to share it with ease. So putting it in a single button that would handle everything was obvious. Of course, you would need to be connected to a Stoffi account before sharing anything.

"Share" has been added to the context menu.

It's also required that the account is also in turn connected to Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ before the song can be shared onto those sites. But that isn't needed to share at all since it's also uploaded to the account which has all necessary information, including your songs and playlists.

What's to come

The features that are still to be implemented are the abibilty to share a playlist and share a song to Google+.

Sharing a playlist proved to take some more time than what we thought so we felt it was best to postpone it to make time for the other features for this project. And sharing to Google+ has to wait as we're waiting for them to release their API so it can be possible to share.

One other thing that we had an idea of but didn't get to realize it in this project was to be able to stream music from your Stoffi account to other users and be a DJ to your friends! The problem that we had with this was more legal than anything else as you're not allowed to stream the music to too many people at the same time.