Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Genesis: Report 14

In between Christmas, GoDaddy fails, New Year and preparations for my daughter's arrival, I have been able to get some fixes in place. Mainly I've created top lists for artists and songs.

I've also been helping out on both Project Visual and Project Social.

Last weeks
I have fixed toplists for artists and songs. I have also gone through the API and polished the returned data in both JSON and XML. I have yet to include songs in playlists, though. Mostly I removed some sensitive information such as email addresses, hashed passwords and app secrets. I also added three fields to each resource:

  • kind: the name of the resource, helpful if you are parsing unknown data.
  • display: a suggestion on what to display to the user (name, title). Not yet using localization here.
  • url: the full URL to the resource.
I've also made it possible to remove devices directly in the right hand column. Lastly, I've almost finished the translation system, making it possible to add translations to both Stoffi and the website directly via the web interface.

I also took some days right before Christmas to finish the wiki page in preparation for the final report. I also urged the other students to do the same and all but one have finished their documentation.

Besides my own project, I've been helping out on other fronts as well. For Project Visual I've added support for drag-n-drop installation of plugins and for Project Social I've added a welcome dialog to help the user make Stoffi handle youtube:// and playlist://, necessary for sharing songs and playlists online.

I have had problems with getting the top artists and songs counting by the number of listens but I finally got my answer on Stack Overflow and now it's working. It was mainly some Rails and ActiveRecord magic that was needed.

A pretty big challenge that is not related to Genesis but Visual is the extraction of decibel levels on various frequency bands. I have yet not figured out how to retrieve this data. I am able to get the max level for all frequencies but I have not been able to split it into frequency ranges. I have a question out on the BASS forums and am waiting for someone to pick it up and drop me a possible solution.

This week
When the last student has finished his documentation I will start to compile the final report which is to be handed in in two weeks. We will also do a second demonstration then so I will do my best to get playlists properly structured so they can be played inside Stoffi.

If I get an answer from the BASS forums I may also be able to provide plugins in Project Visual with the proper data.

The main challenge will probably be to get the last student to write his documentation so I can compile the report. There's also the issue with Project Visual that I really want resolved this week. We'll see in the next report if I'll manage to resolve it.