Friday, February 24, 2012

We ditched Go Daddy, and why you should too

We just completed our transfer of from Go Daddy to Namecheap. The website was down for a few hours but everything is now back online. The reason was not so much as to move to Namecheap, but to quit doing business with Go Daddy. We here at Stoffi are very concern with ethics and appreciate good moral values. Go Daddy is the opposite.

The first controversy over Go Daddy that I was told, by our very own Hylton, about was the fact that Bob Parson, CEO and founder of Go Daddy, likes to hunt elephants. The African elephant has a conservation status of "Threatened".

But Go Daddy don't settle for just one misstep. Last year when SOPA was hotly debated and a mass protest was being organized by major Internet stakeholders, Go Daddy went out and supported SOPA. This caused several customers to organize a boycott of Go Daddy. We participated in this boycott but our transfer was delayed due to Go Daddy locking our domain for transfer due to a change of contact email. The boycott forced Go Daddy to reverse their stance on SOPA but as they say: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

It doesn't end there however. Recently Go Daddy was involved in another controversy where they, in cooperation with the Secret Service, shut down popular form website without any due process or even a notification to the owner. Apparently there was some content on JotForm created by one of its millions of users that the Secret Service wanted to get rid of. But instead of notifying JotForm and asking them to remove the content (which they have done on other occasions), the whole website was shut down. When Go Daddy finally reactivated the website they did not bother to contact the owner. Instead he was notified by Nate Anderson, a journalist at Ars Technica.

Of course, there are many more controversies regarding Go Daddy. If you are a customer we ask you to follow us and move to any other registrar. Vote with your money. Go Daddy has shown on countless occasions that they do not value their customers very highly. Moving your domain is very easy and you can even do it without downtime.

Think of the elephants!