Thursday, April 19, 2012

Beta update: fixed serious crash and playback stutter

Time for a new beta release.

Had to rush this one out since the last beta release contained some really nasty bugs. First of all there was a bug causing a crash whenever a song ended and a new one was supposed to be played. Secondly, there was some serious stutter in the playback whenever the UI was under heavy load. Lastly, there was a bug causing the playlists not to appear when they were selected.

All of these were pretty serious (there's also to bug fixes regarding the context menu of tracks and one fixing missing search indicators on playlists, but they were pretty minor) so I just had to push out a fix before the end of the day.

A big hat tip to our wonderful beta tester Hylton for quickly finding these bugs and reporting them. The upgrade has been pushed out and should arrive on your computers the next time you start Stoffi.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beta update: search indicators, copy and move operations, laptop shortcut profile


It was a while ago we had a release. My baby girl, now 10 weeks old, takes up most of my time.

However, thanks to my wonderful girlfriend I've had time to do some fixes and improvements on Stoffi between diaper changes. So here is a new beta, fresh from the oven.

This release contains some very neat indicators which show you where a search is active. Before it was easy to get confused when tracks seemed to be missing, only for you to discover that you had actually a search filter active. I added a little magnifying glass next to the list name in the navigation pane. If you hover your mouse over it you can see the exact search text that is active.

I've also added some new actions you can perform on tracks. First of all you can select multiple tracks and see their combined length and size. This comes in handy with two other new features, which allow you to move or copy files directly from inside Stoffi. You can now select a set of tracks, make sure they are of a certain size, and then move them to a destination, such as a MP3 player or a USB stick.

For those of you out there using a laptop and feeling a grudge over our use of numpad keys in our shortcut profile we now offer a laptop profile for you. This version replaces all shortcuts containing numpad keys, so it should make it easier to use. I've not been able to do any auto detection, though. So you need to switch to the new profile manually.

We have also gained a new language. Thanks to Tom Sokolinski we can now offer you Stoffi in a German version.

Lastly, there's a lot of bug fixes and other improvements. For one thing I've spent quite some time improving startup time. I've never been very satisfied with the time it takes to start Stoffi. For this release I stripped out all code running at startup and then carefully placed it back again, moving things to after GUI initialization or into background threads whenever possible. The effect on my computer was just below 5 seconds before the window is drawn. That's a pretty large improvement from before. Hopefully you will notice the difference.

As usual you should get this new update automatically if you're running the beta version. You can also download our beta here.